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More Favre Drama?

Now I’ve gotta hand it to the fans here, this is a little clever.  Still a little ridiculous, but clever none the less.  It’d be much more funnier if they put it right in front of his ranch down in Alabama.

I’ve also got to tip my hat to Favre.  He hasn’t yet held a press conference crying and retiring yet.  If he goes out I hope he does it with some class like Kurt Warner did a few weeks ago.  unfortunately as we’ve seen before, that not how Brett does things.  Is he coming back?  I don’t know.  I think at this point it’s still a toss-up. I think he’s sitting on his ranch in Alabama, thinking about how close he came.  Wish he could have made it to the big game one last time.  He’s thinking to himself, “Brett, you’re not as old as you think you are.  You’ve just proved this last season you’ve still got it.”  He considers coming back.  Of course then he thinks about how bad it hurt when the Saints hit him and hurt his ankle.  He’s not a young as he use to be.