To Helmet or No Helmet

Concussions’ have really been in a big concern for athletes this year, the NFL especially has made this a huge issue.  They are going as far as considering making the 3 point stance illegal next year.  NFL player’s later in life are having problems that are borderline disabling and Concussions’ are the worst among them.  Memory lapses, dizziness and all kinds of other thing develop.  Having a concussion is bad enough, but after you get the first one it becomes easier to get the next.

I bring this to light because my son is prone to head injuries.  Just the other day in the span of ten minutes he wacked his head no less than 8 time’s.  He just get so engrossed in what he is doing he doesn’t pay attention to what is around him.  He hit the cabinets, table, and countertop. He turned the corner into the wall once, and even hit his head the floor playing cars.  How or why, I truly do not know. 

He has always had a habit of hitting his noggin on stuff.  If you remember when Little Mama wrote here about the ER goose-egg visit, it was one of the worse ones.  Then this last Christmas Eve the fire-place at Memaw and Pepaw’s gave Jake 2 stitches in the middle of the forehead.  Here is the before stitches pic. 

For those of you looking to quite a three-year old in an ER while everyone is staring at you.  All it takes is a few M&M’s.  Work’s like a charm.

So here is my question.  Should I start to worry about the long-term effects of Jake continuing to bonk his head on random objects?  Should I make him wear a helmet every waking moment to not cause any further brain damage?  Will he eventual become spaciously aware of his surroundings?


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