There’s A Wookie in my Tree!

For those of you have been unlucky enough to have seen me at the pool, beach, or out running (before I put on the baby weight) you would know that I’m a bit on the furry side.  It’s sad to say that some where way back, there must have been a wookie in my family tree.  My Dad’s a furry man as well as my Grandfather.

Not that that’s nessarily a bad thing.  I was after all the only one that could grow facial hair when I was in 9th grade.  (I could in 8th it was just a little patchy).  Heck if I went a few days without shaving and I could by beer in some places.  Not bad for a 14 yr old (I hope Dad’s not reading this).

After highschool it started to have some disadvatages.  Namely with the women folk.  Especally while I was out I SoCal.  They wanted a guy to have that “clean” look.  I’m sorry but there is no way I’m going to shave or wax my chest.  I won’t even get into the 100’s of reason’s why, and just give the 2 biggest.  I have better things to do with my time, and I just don’t want to.

Lucky for me this is one of things my wife is willing to accept.  She doesn’t like it but she’s not like “gross, you have chest hair!”  (Yes, I have gotten that reaction before.)  She accepts me for who I am and it makes me love her more. 

The part that disturbs her is when she was getting Jake (who is now 3) out of the bath tub and noticed thick peach fuzz on his back and legs.  She then started looking more closely at him and noticed a (what I thought was cute) little peach fuzz mustache.  She let out a gasp of horror, as if our child had just become an abomination in her eyes.  “Honey, its just peach fuzz.” I said trying to comfort her.  I guess she thought this was one of the genes that Little man was going to get from her.  What makes it even better is for his birthday last in Dec he got a little toy shaving kit.


One response to “There’s A Wookie in my Tree!

  1. i love both of you despite all the hair!

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