Brett Favre!?!?

So unless things change drastically in the next 5 min (that’s football mins so….30 min) Brett Favre is once again heading to the NFC championship where he and the Vikes will face the Saints. 

Now I’m not a sports analyst or anything, but I believe they have a pretty good chance of winning next week.  The Saints don’t have a defense that is stong enough to slow down Minnesota’s offense.  They just have to many weapons.  The Minn defense is just too much.  It took 3 people on Dallas O-line just to slow down Allen.  So I’d bet on them going all the way.

Now my question is…When is it going to be the end for Mr. Favre?  Even if they lose next week, look at the amazing season he’s had.  Would that be a high enough note to end a career on?  Would he still be left wanting more because he wanted to win the Superbowl one more time?  If they do win next week and go to the big bowl what then?  Win or lose it’s still a high note to end a season/career on.  especially when you’re 40 in the NFL.  Would he want to try to come back for a very rare repeat?  Its alway difficult for a team to go all the way 2 years in a row. 

Bottom line, I think this following offseason we are all going to be in for some more Favre drama.  Personally I’m kind of tired of seeing him cry.


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