What a World

According to this study (that you can read here) 70% of American’s between the age of 17 and 24 can’t enlist in the military!

Kind of shocking huh. 

It’s because of people are to stupid.  That’s right, some people are too stupid to join the military.  They dropped out of high school, didn’t get a diploma or GED, or just can’t pass the IQ portion of testing.  It’s think it doesn’t require a lot of smarts to run into enemy fire, but you’d be wrong.

Or because they have a criminal record.  Now for some things you can get a waver for and still be allowed in, like a lot of speeding tickets or something like that.  Felony’s though…it’s not going to happen.  When I was enlisting they didn’t allow anyone with a DUI.  I think that has already changed.

And the last is medical problems.  The most common of which is being extremely over weight. 1/3 of PLT at boot camp was over weight.  When we graduated they were under, and not just by a little. 

I know the Military isn’t exactly trying to recruit the best a brightest (those people go to places like Harvard and MIT) but it’s kind of interesting when you think about it.


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