I Just Don’t Understand

Now I understand the desire to smell good.  I personally don’t want to smell like an armpit or a foot.  Little Mama would never sit close to me or snuggle again.  So smelling good definitely has its advantages.  Lately however I’ve been around a few people who have had some distinct smells that have thrown me off a bit.  That really gave me that WTH moment. 

Cotton Candy-Now I don’t know if she was trying to send the message that “I’m sweet,” but I also thought “hey spend too much time with me and I’ll make you diabetic.”  Truthfully it kind of made my teeth hurt.

Bubbles-That’s right, this girl smelled exactly like Jake’s bubbles that we get.  The kind that comes in a big 2 qt. container.  I won’t go any farther with this one.

Popcorn-hopefully he just came from the movies, or works there.  Lets face it people if the smell of popcorn has permeated you cloths, you truly have some problems!

cigarette smoke-This has got to be the worst one for me.  I can’t stand it when some one reeks of it.  If its bad enough it gives me a headache!  It’s even worse when the offender tries to mask it with a cologne of perfume…




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