Bye Bye LJ and More Chiefs Stuff

So my Chiefs released LJ last week. 

Too little to late.  They should have done it back in Feb.  What makes things worse is that since no one picked him up with in 24 hours the team still has to pay him his full salary.  So now if another team takes a chance on him (I bet one will some one is that desperate) it’ll be like him getting a raise for the year.

For those of you who don’t know…I’m living in Austin these days.  Austin is the home of the Texas Longhorns.  Many around here were quite happy that Priest Homles’ record was going to stand (me among them) and were even more excited that Jamaal Charles was getting the start.  Coach Haley had spoken on a few occasions and it was announced in the media that last Sunday (against Jac, I’m a little slow) was going to be his chance to prove himself as the starting back.   This could be a big break for the guy.  Then the game comes and you only give him the ball 6 times!  10 runs the whole game!  Against one of (if not the worst) run Def’s in the league! 

Sorry I just don’t under stand.  What makes it worse is that with the few runs they were getting they were quite successful.  6 yds per rush average!

I’ve been a die-hard Chiefs fan for a long time…but its getting hard to keep the faith.


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