My Chiefs…

For those of you who don’t know I’m a big KC Chiefs fan.  I was after all born and raised in KC.  I’ve tried to hold my breath about the season so far but now we’re at the half way point of the season.  I’ve gotta talk about it and some of the things I see going on.  So for all of you out there that don’t really car about football or my beloved Chiefs…I won’t feel sad if you stop reading now.

Well lets start with being 1 and 6.  I won’t even get in to the whole only winning 3 games in the last 30 that they have played.  Lets just look right now at this season (and discount the preseason while we’re at it).  KC you’re 1 and 6.  Yeah its a rebuilding year.  Yeah we’ve got a lot of real young guys on the team.  Yeah we’ve got a new head coach and a GM.  Yeah we’ve had some tough teams so far this season…BUT 1 AND 6!  A few of those games we should have won. A few were bad luck. And a couple…well it didn’t even look like the team showed up.

Now LJ.  Ever since the Chiefs game him the biggest contract in franchise history he hasn’t done much.  So far this year his best rushing average is 3.6 yards per carry, and now we have this whole twitter thing.  He should have been cut back in Feb.  But now they are going to keep him around for at least the rest of the season it looks like.  It just makes me miss Priest Holmes that much more.  Hey Larry, I don’t care it you do beat Holmes’ rushing record, you’ll never be half the player he is/was.

And finally lets hit on Todd Haley.  Yeah LJ pointed out that he never played football.  So what.  I personally don’t have a problem with that.  He wouldn’t have gotten to where he is if it mattered.  I don’t think anyone would be complaining if the Chiefs were winning right now.  No one said anything while he was coaching for AZ (and they made it the Superbowl).  He’s live football for a long time…he just never played it.  He’s worked with a lot of great players and a lot of great coaches.  I respect that.

What I don’t respect is him making stupid calls.  We’ve seen good old Todd get over emotional many times.  On the side lines yelling at TO or Fitzgerald comes to mind, but you can’t coach with emotion. you’ve got to keep that in check.  You don’t go for it on 4 down on your own 41 in the first quarter.  That’s just not smart football.  I think emotion and pride is what got in the way when he  took over the offensive coordinator and quarterback coach positions as well has still having all his head coach duties.  

Hopefully by the end of the season they’ll have it all figured out.  Next year maybe we have a  chance of going to the playoffs…maybe…


One response to “My Chiefs…

  1. Nope, LJ lost his chance to break Priesty’s record by being a jerk! How appropriate. 😀

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