More Random Thoughts!

So I’ve had a few people complain about the price of gas recently, and since my mind tends to wonder that’s where this train of thought began.

So right now in Austin gas is currently $2.49 per gallon. We’ll call it $2.50 because I like round numbers. In one gallon of gas there are 128 oz. That’s just standard.

I think (don’t quote me on this) but when I bought a gallon of milk a few days ago in was some where in the neighbor hood of $3.29. I’m glad our cars don’t run on milk.

Right now in the vending machine a bottle of Coke is $1.25 for 20 oz. So if my math is right, that’s 8 dollars a gallon for Coke! Now I love my Coke, I have one everyday, but I’m glad my car doesn’t run on it.

At Starbucks a tall white chocolate mocha is $3.20. That’s $3.20 for 12 oz.! So we do the math here…..and it comes out to….OMG! $33.92 per gallon! Now I’m sure Starbucks has a great product. I don’t really drink coffee so I can’t say for myself, (I do like their hot caramel apple cider’s though) but I’m extremely glad my car doesn’t run on mocha!


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