Funny Car Story

So last night our belt tensioner went out on our little Saturn. Not really a big deal since Kim was able to make it home. A quick trip to AutoZone, and we’re pretty much in business. I get the car up on a jack stand, take the old one off, get the new one on, and change the oil while I’m under there. Things are going pretty well. Now though I need help. I don’t have freakishly long arms. I can’t reach inside the wheel well as well as the top of the engine compartment at the same time….and that going to be the easiest way to put the belt back on. So I enlist the help of Little Mama.

I get her in front of the car and explain…”I’m going to get under the car and take the tension off the powerful spring. While I’m under there, I want you to pull this belt right here (at this point I show here exactly where the belt is) over this pulley right here (again pointing it out) and make sure it’s centered. Then make sure you fingers are not under it so that they don’t get pinched and I’ll let the tension out of the spring. Okay.


Do you thing you can do that?”


“Are you ready?”


At this point I climb under the car, and affix the wrench to the tensioner. “Are you ready?”


“Here we go.” And I pull the tensioner and release the pressure on the belt freeing it so she can pull it over the pulley.

“What am I suppose to do?”

I love my Wife!


2 responses to “Funny Car Story

  1. you left out the part where the belt hurt my fingers…

  2. Yeah I did, I forgot that part….and I would have had a heck of a time puting it on by myself. You're still the best!

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