Summer Break

Recently The Little Mama Wrote about why she as taken her summer hiatus, I figured its time I explained why I did as well. Maybe not so much explain as to figure it out for myself. There are a lot of reasons. Many of which I’m not going to get into.

Let’s start first with the new house. We closed last month on a great house. We love it! But moving is a lot of work! I don’t believe how much work it is. Its even more work this time than anytime before because this time it’s the last time. Usually its, oh we’re only going to be here a year. We’re only going to be here a couple months. Not this time. Plus I never knew we had so much useless stuff! Watch Craigslist and you’ll surely see some of it! We’ve painted Jake and Emma’s rooms and we still have the rest of the house to go. So that’s taken a lot of time. But we’re not done. Just ask my wife about my closet! It looks like a tornado went through there!

Emma’s got acid reflex. I worry about the poor girl. She was in pain for a long time. It was horrible. That’s my little girl! Contrary to popular belief, having a sick baby girl is hard on a Daddy…no matter how big you are. After much pleading with the Dr. he finally gave us some meds for her and it’s making things better so that’s nice.

And finally…It’s hard to come up with something to rant about all the time. Especially about some thing other than people driving. That’s really the only place I see and interact with the public anymore. It’s sad really. I don’t get out much. I feel like a hermit. At the same time though I scared to get out, just watch Glenn Beck for 5 min and you can see what I mean!

I need to come up with a new title for my blog. I’m just going to start writing about whatever is on my mind as opposed to just rants and raves. Unfortunately whatever is already taken by one of favorite authors….The great John Scalzi!!! Check it out here. Any ideas?


One response to “Summer Break

  1. i already told you to name it big daddy. why don't you listen to me?

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