Hey Lady!

Now I’m not really talking to all the ladies out there, just really this one that I was “introduced” to last week. Once again since most of my time spent interacting with the public is driving now days…it happened while driving.

I have many bones to pick with this woman. Lets see It you can guess what they all are as I paint you the picture of what happened.

So I’m in the middle lane of a 3 lane highway going the speed limit. I’m going the real speed limit not the whole 10 over or anything like that. I’m not trying to just stay with traffic or any of the stuff I mention in my post that you can read here. The sign said 65 and I was going 65 (you’ll see why in a minute.) She’s in the far right lane (the lane reserved for slower traffic) going much slower. Now I can’t really tell you how much slower she is really going because we really weren’t side by side very long. I flew past her. I mean I flew. I learn more about her coming from behind than I did being beside her or seeing her in my mirror. I can tell you she was in a little red Honda, she had long brown hair, a floral shirt, and she was a she. If she wasn’t a she….dude’s got issues.

Now this is just my opinion, I am wrong a lot, (just as Little Mama), you can let me know in the comments if think I’m wrong as well, but if you are in the far right lane and car flies past you on your left….I’d think I’m in the lane I need to be in. Am I right?!?! That or I needed to reevaluate my speed.

No this lady decided she wanted to be in the same lane as I was in. I who just flew past her. Why I don’t know. Her lane wasn’t ending, she didn’t need to merge. It wasn’t an exit only lane. There wasn’t an on ramp with traffic coming on. No there were only three cars on the entire road this nice Sunday morning.

She did so quite abruptly I might add. Seeing her swerve in to my lane in my rearview just after I passed her kind of caught me by surprise. I wasn’t the only one though. The Cop that was about 4 car lengths behind me that she almost ran off the road I think was a little more surprised than I was. It’s a good thing he had the left lane to act as a buffer or he would have been in the ditch!

What The Heck Lady!?!?!

Let me go through my list. First you were driving slow. Too slow in fact. Slow enough that if traffic were heavier that you would be an obstacle that people would have to avoid even if you were in the right lane. Second you switched lanes when you really had no reason to! You were going to slow to be in any lane other than the right lane!!! Third did you not check you mirrors or you blind-spot before you jerked the wheel over? It almost looked like you were trying to hit that cop!

Now I really don’t know what you were thinking about lady…but it wasn’t about driving.


One response to “Hey Lady!

  1. did the cop pull her over or not?

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