That’s right people!!! The Aussie’s have debunked one of the main arguments for those that believe aliens have visited us has now been debunked. Can you believe it!!

After years of speculation of visitors from other worlds creating crop circles in fields, scientists and lawmakers in Australia have finally figured out what is really the cause of the whole thing. Are you ready….It may be a little shocking.

Stoned wallabies!!!

That’s right. They believe that wallabies are eating the heads of the opium plants and then are hopping in circles. They also claim that other animals that ate the poppies would act “weird.”

What The Heck!!!

Are serious people!!! This is a plant used to make morphine, and most of the narcotics on the market today. Not to mention cocaine and heroin. Of course if something eats it, it’s going to act weird. It’s my understanding that even when people are under the influence of it the act “weird.”

Now I’m not saying I believe aliens have or not visited, but I think if we are the only sentient species in the universe it would be a great waste of space. What I am saying is that I find it hard to believe a stoned cow in England (since they don’t have wallabies) could make the famous pi crop circle seen here. Now our stoned cows are also mathematical geniuses too? I doubt it.

While eating poppies may explain a few odd things going on, it doesn’t even begin to touch the surface.

To read the article about the wallabies click here.


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