I Know Why the Arches Are Golden!

I have a confession to make. This is hard for me, so I’m just going to come right out and say it.

I’m a dipper.

Wow!!! I feel so much better. That’s right people I love to dip my fries. I’m not even close to being conservative when it comes to dipping them either. I’m talking at least one third to half of each fry needs to be submerged. It makes them tasty. Some of you may see this as a little childish and immature. My response (of course) is “No, you are!”

But there is more. I’m not a traditional dipper either. That’s right; I don’t just like catsup with my fries. I’m an American and I enjoy having the freedom to choose what kind of dipping sauce or sauces I want. It changes too. It depends on the place. Some make sauces better than others. Sometimes it depends on my mood. My tastes have also changed as I’ve grown older. A prime example of this is at McDonalds my sauce of choice was BBQ when I was younger, in middle school it shifted to sweet and sour, and now I’m a big fan of their hot mustard.

My point is…I like to hit the sauce. The Little Mama does as well. What can I say, we’re two of a kind.

Now I suppose I should get around to the reason for my confession. On the way home the other night, we decided to stop at America’s fast food burger joint (McDonald’s) and get our usual quarter pounder’s with cheese (of course), fries and that sweet nectar known as coke. After we received our meal at the window, as in typical fashion, I asked for our sauces of choice. This is the shocking part. She said they were only allowed to give catsup with fries and the other plethora of sauces could only be distributed if we had ordered nuggets. Nuggets!!! Not only was McDonalds refusing to give me my delicious Hot Mustard, but they were now mandating what sauce I could have with my fries.

What The Heck!?!? America’s Fast Food my butt! That sounds more like communism!

Needless to say I was appalled.

She then informed me that for 11 cents she could sell me a single Hot Mustard packet. I don’t think I even heard it. I was in so much shock. I’ve been a dipper my entire life. I know many other dippers. I’ve never heard of anyone being charged for sauce as long as they were a paying customer.

Little Mama however was quick on her feet and pulled out some change and paid for our sauce. I still think it’s weird. She didn’t ring it up. I should have gotten a receipt for my sauce. What if one of them was damaged and I was unhappy with it. Since I paid for it…

Is this a sign of the times? Could McDonald’s really be hurting that bad? What’s next, are they going to start charging us per pickle?


2 responses to “I Know Why the Arches Are Golden!

  1. It could be worse. They could charge us for refills on Coke and that would be bad.

  2. When I've been they limited my ketchup packet amounts. I like a lot of ketchup and would even like to keep extras around and yet I've been limited to 3 packets. 3 packets is not nearly enough for all the fries they give! I think a formal complaint is in order!

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