Its On Like Donkey Kong!!!

That’s right people. The Little Mama and I are in an all out battle. The judo chops, ninja kicks and Keifer Sutherland headbutts are flying. I will not loose!!!

It is a war of words.

This isn’t our first battle, but unless we adopt, it will be our last. I’m talking of course about first words. She’s trying to get Little Bit to say “Momma,” and of course I’m trying to get her to say “Daddy.” Just as we did with Jake, which ended in a draw. His first word was “moo.” So neither of us won. I’m committed not to lose this time.

This morning I was packing my lunch for work today and Little Bit was laying in the play room just Chilin. Jake was watching Cars…Again. Little Mama was upstairs getting cloths for Emma. I swear I heard Emma say Dada!!!

I was so excited!!! The day was mine!!!

I told Kim, she of course called me a liar and I went in there to see if I could get her to say it again. So I’m hovering over her trying to get her to say “daddy” and Jake comes in and says, “No Daddy, go to work. Emma say Jacob!” He then leans over her and starts sounding out his name over her.

What The Heck!

The competition just got fiercer.


2 responses to “Its On Like Donkey Kong!!!

  1. Honey, she did NOT say dada. I heard her. She said “Aaaaahhhhh!”

  2. No honey, I was totally “DADA!”

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