Hippies!!! Part 1

I had a girl come up to me the other day at work and she started a conversation with me. Sometimes in my job people have some stuff on their mind and we just kind of listen to it. Usually people just complain about their boss, a customer, or just want some one to talk to for a little bit while they are on break. I don’t mind, it makes the time go by faster as long as I don’t have anything extremely pressing at the moment, and its nice to have someone to talk to.

This girl however was a bit of a hippie. Now I’m not really talking about your young stoner that just needs a little direction, I really don’t have a problem with someone like that. I’m talking more of the real left wing types that preach their crazy ideas. You know the type. Later I’ll discuss why I don’t like Hippies (Left wingers) in general, but today it just going to be her.

Well this girl in our conversation tells me “We have accomplished anything good in Iraq at all.”

What The Heck!?!?

Do you seriously not have any idea who you’re talking to! I served two tours in Iraq. I’ve got a really good buddy that’s probably going to have a limp for the rest of his life from being over there. (Shout out to Levon!) Men…Good men in my unit died in the service of this great nation in Iraq. I have friends that have died in Iraq.

To make a blindly ignorant statement like that is just insane!

Now if she had said…”I think we went into Iraq for the wrong reasons.” or “I don’t agree with the war in Iraq.” I can think of 100 different things or ways she could have tried to make her point that would have been much better.

In addition to this bold statement, she had many other ideas that I won’t even get into. I will however recommend this clip from the daily show. Many of her opinions are also held by a few people that Rob Riggle interviews in this little clip. If you haven’t seen it, please watch it…..it truly is a gem!

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Maybe the Bush Administration misled us into Iraq on many different levels. WMD’s, links to Al-Qaeda ECT. A lot of people don’t agree with us being in Iraq. I can respect that.

But I’ve been on the ground in Iraq. I’ve looked to the faces of those people. Trust me when I say we’ve made a difference. Our Airman, Soldiers, Sailors and Marines have died for something. Have some respect for that.

My fellow servicemen, women and I liberated a country. We helped make life better for a few million people. We helped make daily life safer for Americans.

What have you done lady?


One response to “Hippies!!! Part 1

  1. I appreciate what you did in the Marine Corp and I’m glad I didn’t have to go over there to do that job…

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