You Can’t Drive 55!!

The “Rules of the Road” have been establish for a reason. The ultimate goal is to us alive as well as keep traffic flowing at a good pace. Most of these rules we have known about since before we began driving and were tested on in order to get our driver’s license. On the road proper signage informs us of how these rules are going to affect us in up coming situations, and also makes us aware of changes in road conditions.

The one exception to this is of course speed limits. Let’s face it; it’s not a limit at all. It’s more of a suggestion. You should probably be going around about this speed. (Plus or minus 5 mph is my general rule)

In some places (California being one) it’s a requirement. Unless you are stuck in rush hour traffic, or there has been an accident, you need to be going at least the “speed limit.” In states like Cali if you’re going the speed limit on the highway, you’ll get the bird from a sweet old grandmother. Trust me on this one, I’m talking from experience. I was in for a culture shock when I first got out there.

Now as I recall from my drivers Ed. Class (yes honey my memory isn’t that bad), and it has been reinforced by the aforementioned proper signage that slower traffic should stay to the right. I’m sure that so matter what you opinion on the speed limit/suggestion/requirement thing we could all agree on this right.

So why would someone drive 55 in the left lane of a four lane freeway when the speed limit is 70?!?! What The Heck!?!?!?

Now I can understand wanting to be safe. I like being safe. But more than 15 mph slower than everyone else around you!!! WOW. At some point you become an obstacle for everyone else to avoid. There was an 18 wheeler that passed this car on the right! Going up a hill!

Now if it was some grandma or grandpa with out of state plates just cruising along, I would have some sympathy. It really wouldn’t bother me at all.

This wasn’t the case at all. Instead in was some young 20-something as she was talking on her cell phone weaving in and out of her lane.

Bottom line. Hang up and drive lady….The gas pedal in on the right!


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