Oh Tony, Say It Ain’t So!!!!

Despite a valiant effort by my father I am a Kansas City Chiefs Fan.

There are a few things that statement implies in its self. When I say a valiant effort by my father, I mean he tried hard to make me a Steelers fan. There are pictures of me somewhere as a baby with a little Steelers onezy and a stocking hat with a gold and black ball on top. It’s a pretty cute photo. I like the Steelers. I always have. I’ll root for them any time they aren’t playing the Chiefs. I just like to give my Dad a hard time about them. I was very excited to see them win the super bowl last year and knew they would. Other than that there are a few teams I’ll root for because I like some of the players. (I.E. Colts.)

Let’s face it though people, I grew up in KC. The Chiefs are my home town team. It takes a lot of guts to say that. They won two games last year. That’s 2 out of 16 games. In ’07 we won 4 of 16. Not much better. It’s really kind of kind of sad.
The one bight spot on our team has been Tony Gonzalez. KC drafted him in the 1st round in ’97. The man is a god among men. On a 2 and 14 team he still had 96 catches for 1058 yards. He’s been to the pro bowl 10 times. That’s more than any other tight end in NFL history. He’s miss 2 games because of injuries in the 12 years he’s been playing pro football. Among tight ends he’s the career leader with 916 catches, 76 TDs, 10,940 yards receiving, and 26 games with at least 100 yards. The dudes only lost 1 fumble in his career! And that was in his second season! WOW!! It’s safe to say he’s become the face of the franchise. I even guest blogged about it a little here on The Little Mama.

Imagine my surprise when I saw that he was traded to that Atlanta Falcons.

What The Heck!?!?!

Now I can understand Tony’s frustration. The man hasn’t won a sing playoff game in his 12 year career. That’s kind of sad. He wants to go to the big game, and he wants to win. But still, this is his home.

I’m excited about KC football next year. We’ve got a new GM that seems to really know what he’s doing, a new head coach that was responsible for the Cardinals’ going to the super bowl last year and both of which seem to be on the same page which makes all the difference. As an added bonus, we acquired Matt Cassel!!! That’s right we have a franchise Quarterback!!! I could keep going, but I don’t want to waste but time…Also the draft starts today in a few hours, judging by Scott Pioli’s record with it, we’re going to do quite well.

Cassel now has one less reliable target out there on the field. The team has one less leader in the locker room. Kansas City has lost a paragon.

Tony, I hate to see you go, you’ve been a great asset to this team. I hope you do well…but I’m not going to root for the Falcons. And in ’10 if we play Atlanta, I hope to see Mike Vrabel, Bernard Pollard, or who ever they put against you knocks you flat on your back. Or even better yet…when you get to the playoffs this year and your leveled buy Troy Polamalu.


One response to “Oh Tony, Say It Ain’t So!!!!

  1. I would never wish any harm to Tony Romo even if he went to play for another team. I had no idea you were so cut throat.

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