Big Daddy Eye for…..

Now I don’t claim to be the type that knows a lot of fashion. I’m a tee shirt and jeans kind of guy. I do have some sort of sense as to what I think looks right and what I think….well doesn’t. Sometimes I’ll make my thoughts and opinions known to others and they usually agree with me.

So today I’m going to offer some advice to some of the ladies out there. Seeing as how most girls/women want to look nice for guys and I’m a guy….I think that qualifies me. So prepare you self….here it comes….


I’ve seen it a lot lately and it’s really been bugging me. I’ve been biting my tongue on this because I recently found out my lovely mother in-law reads this (shout out to Memaw!!) and I didn’t feel it appropriate to have her reading me discussing this sort of subject. Unfortunately after today I couldn’t take it any more.

This is more directed at the girls with the massive mammaries. You know the ones that come to work showing more cleavage than shirt. Then they started using it for a place to store their cell phones, credit cards, and wallets.

Now I’m not saying you can’t keep anything in there. You just have to be discrete. Here is a story of a woman that had $67 dollars in her bra and it saved her life by stopping a bullet. I have no problem with that. Its tucked in nice a neat. No one can see that.

Its when you use your cleavage so its all out in front of god and everyone. I saw a girl with a freakin bottle of water in there today!!! What The Heck!!! This was at work!! That speaks of a level of professionalism I’ve never even heard of. Talk about class! WOW!

Don’t use your boobs just because they are convenient. If you need a purse, go get a purse.


2 responses to “Big Daddy Eye for…..

  1. MeMaw will be so embarrassed when she reads this.

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