Our House….

Those of you who don’t know, The Little Mama and I are having a house built. I just don’t know who is building it. We’ve driven by many times and never seen anyone actually working on it. We’ve got friends that live in the same neighborhood and they’ve never seen anybody working one it. We’ve had other friends that have stopped by on their way home from work and they have never seen anyone working on it.

I think it’s a valid question….Who is building our house?

Work is getting done on it. From what I can tell its pretty good work to. I’ve had a lot of friend that have worked home construction and have told be many different things that they have seen done to cheat, and cut corners. Example, I have one friend tell me that when two sections of frame didn’t line up, they bridged the 2 1/2 in. gap with 15 different nails at different angles. I haven’t seen anything like that. It really looks pretty good.

I forgot to mention the foundation! I’ve seen a lot of concrete work. I even worked with concrete for a little while in So-Cal…but this is really nice. Almost as if it was poured by angels.

Plus I just heard this morning that now there is even walls on it. Where the heck did they come from?

So the question is who is doing the work on our house?

I’m convinced its Elves that come out at night.


One response to “Our House….

  1. when are you taking me to maudie’s again?

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