What Happened to Customer Service

It’s really had for The Little Mama and me to go out a try a new Mexican restaurant. Mainly because we like Maudie’s so very much. If you’ve never been, we highly recommend it. It’s truly amazing. I have yet to have anything there that I haven’t liked.

So when the Serrano’s in South Park Meadow’s open up we thought one day we’d try it knowing full well that if we really wanted Mexican we would probably go to Maudie’s.

A girl a work was a waitress at Serrano’s on the weekends and told me about their enchilada special they have. If you buy one enchilada plate you get one free. She was also bragging about how good the salsa was. Being poor and a salsa fan this was enough to get us in the door. Maybe we’d find a place that was even better than Maude’s.

So we get there and get seated. The waitress was a little cold to us. I don’t mean to fault her, being a waitress is hard work she could have been having a bad day. She was a good waitress, our glasses, chips, and salsa where never empty. That’s saying a lot. I was thirsty, and we love chips and salsa. But we had to ask about the special. It wasn’t posted anywhere or explained anywhere. She wasn’t too happy about that at all. We later heard it advertised on the radio and saw a commercial on TV, you would think we wouldn’t have to ask about it.

A little while later we got our food. It was pretty good. I don’t know if I’d say it was better than Maude’s, but it wasn’t bad. Then Kim found a piece of plastic in her food. It was a little disturbing. I mean she could have choked or something. What if that had gotten in Jake’s food instead? Lucky she found it while she was cutting into her enchilada.

Now once again, I understand that mistakes happen. It’s a fact of life, but when you work at a restaurant I feel a little courtesy should be involved. They brought Kim another plate. The waitress apologized and we weren’t charged for our meal. I think that is the least they could have done.

The manager never came over and said a word to us. Never apologized. No “I’m sorry, let us make this up to you.” Something from the manager to say “Hey your experance here is important to us” would have been nice. Any other time something like this has happened to me our next meal there was discounted or free as well.

I went to a TGI Friday’s with a couple friends before a movie and after waiting almost an hour for our food we got up to leave so we wouldn’t miss our show. The manager saw us, and gave us all a free meal and drinks after the movie was over.

Bottom line, other than the huge chuck of plastic the food at Serrano’s was alright, but if you want to be treated well too….skip it and go to Maudies they have never disappointed us.

On a side note…The girl I work with that use to be a waitress there on the weekends also quit because of the management.


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