Red Light, Green Light

Do you remember playing Red Light Green Light when you were young? After the person that was it said “green light go” you could go as fast as you could across the gym, skating rink, or what ever arena but as soon as they said “red light stop” you had to stop moving. If you were caught still moving you had to go back to the beginning. Pretty easy huh. I’d like to think I was pretty good at it because I was pretty good at following directions. I knew that when they said “red light stop” I should stop. I didn’t try to cheat, and sneak up to get closer to the base or anything like that. I thought I was quite clever for that because many of my fellow classmates/players did try and got caught leaving me many times way out front with a lead.

Well of course this game is based on real life, and in real life a red light (in my personal opinion) is one of those things that should truly be obeyed on the road. I mean if you don’t it can result in death, destruction and dismemberment. Not a pretty sight.

Imagine my dismay when on my way to work last week a woman ran a red light and almost hit me. Now when I say she ran a red light. I mean a RED LIGHT. It hadn’t just turned red from yellow, it had been red for a long time. It hadn’t even been green the entire time I had been waiting at the intersection. Which I might add was longer than her. I was there for the intire cycle of the intersction. Her light was next to turn green after mine. She didn’t even pause or slow down to see if someone was coming. Just barreled straight on through.

What The Heck Lady!?!

Its a good thing I was paying attention to you and just didn’t go since I had the green light. I of course gave her what I am now going to call the What The Heck Honk ((WTHH for short) so it trademarked now. You heard it here first people!!!.) and on my way.

Its not like the game when I was young when they would try and fake you out by saying “green light grow.” Could you imagine that? You’re waiting at an intersection and you red light turns to yellow and back to red just to see if you paying attention. How do think people would react to that? How ever it is I don’t want to be in the middle of that intersection in my invisible Rubbermaid container if/when it does.


One response to “Red Light, Green Light

  1. Lol, love the pic!

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