Before you get all up set, No I’m not writing a review. I’m not giving out any spoilers. I didn’t start this blog to be a film critic. If you do want my opinion on the film, email me and I’ll give it to you.

This post is about the movie though, but not in the essence you are thinking. I saw the film this weekend with friends.

There was cussing.

There was sex.

There was violence.

It earned its “R” rating.

Now I think maybe I should be a little more specific on that last one. When I say violence…I’m talking limbs cut off, blood squirting, broken bones, slow motion gunshots/stabbings, etc. It was pretty graphic. Zach Snyder’s previous film was 300 if you seen it you can kind of get and idea of what I’m talking about.

I’m not knocking him as a director, or the movie 300. I think he’s a great director and I own 300. I think its a great movie, and I’ll probably buy Watchmen when it comes out on DVD too.

I suppose I should also mention the blue man parts flying freely in the wind too. Once again, I’m not knocking it. I’m not judging the movie. I’m just saying, its there….And he’s swinging some pipe!

My point is simply I’m a 27 year old man. I’ve served 5 years in the Marine Corps. I’m a combat veteran. I’ve given first aid to many different wounds. I’ve had many life experiences that have made me the mature (well more mature than I use to be) person I am today. My friends that I went to see it with are also my age. I know deep down inside that it’s not real. Its a movie.

Imagine my surprise when I saw a few parents carrying out young kids from our theater. My friends and I found it kind of shocking.


2 responses to “WATCHMAN

  1. Have you read the book? It is a bajillion times better than the movie. Personally, I was really disappointed in the movie, mainly because all the violence and sex takes a back seat in the book and yet it was the main focus (or, at least, it seemed like it) for the movie. And Dr. Manhattan’s nakedness is explained a lot better in the book: he had a costume (the black underwear-type thing), but when he transcended humanity he no longer had a need for clothing and therefore went around in the nude. Argh; there’s just so much discussion and philosophical inquiries that are missing from the movie that it pales in comparison to its namesake. There’s a rumor that the director’s cut will contain about 40 extra minutes of material, which is understandable considering the book contains 12 chapters and has several sub-stories. Two of the sub-stories are apparently going to be released on DVD in two weeks. (“Tales of the Black Freighter” and “Under the Hood.” The first one is an amazing story that I think you would like; the latter was mentioned briefly in the movie – it was the first Night Owl’s (Hollis Mason) tell-all book about the Minutemen. Again, none of that was explained very well in the movie; but the opening credits were basically the Minutemen’s story.)Anyway, sorry for the ramble. “Watchmen” was written by Alan Moore who also wrote “From Hell,” “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,” and “V for Vendetta.” He won’t put his name on any of the movies from his books because he is of the opinion that they just fark it up, and for the most part, he is absolutely correct. Of course, none of this really means anything to you since you won’t have any readin’ time what with a new baby on the way!

  2. Kind of?! I’m still peeved at those parents! There is no good reason they couldn’t have left those innocent kids with a responsible adult!BTW, 12:20am post… wow.

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