Watch Your Kids Part II

Yes I know I’m blogging about kids again. What can I say though. I’m a parent. I see these things. Considering now that most of the time that I spend interacting with the public is driving or in “kid friendly” areas, most of my blogs are going to be about something along those lines. For this one we will head back to the playground once again.

In my last post on this subject I think I established why I believe people should watch their kids for their own protection(you can read it here.) I think there are many more reasons than that though to watch you kids. Namely to protect other people’s kids.

Now I can truly empathize with stay at home parents that don’t get out of the house much. Meeting a friend with their kid (or kids) at McDonald’s, a park or a playground can be nice. It gives the child a chance to play with other kids and the parent a chance to socialize with someone other than their own kids/spouse. However, when you take your children to a public place, you are responsible for your child’s actions. You still need to pay attention to them especially if there are children smaller than them around.

Some of you probably think that the Little Mister shouldn’t be on a playground with the bigger kids. Well to those people I ask if they have ever noticed the age limits on some of the playscapes. On one in an area close by the age limits are clearly labeled in 3 places at “ages 2-5.” Even with proper signage though there are almost always kids that are around 10 years or older playing on it.

Now if these kids were being nice and polite I really wouldn’t care. Some really are. Last weekend I was truly amazed at how nice this one little boy was letting Jake take turns going up a ladder. He must have been 7 or 8 and to top it off he called me sir!

No, what I have the problem with is the kids that have pushed smaller kids off raised platforms sending them plumeting 5-10 feet to the ground. Blocked ladders so that the smaller kids have nowhere to go and are stuck in a compromising position. Blocking tunnels so they can’t get through. Purposely stepping on fingers and hands while they are climbing a ladder onto a higher platform or step. Shoving them out of the way to get onto something without waiting.

I’ve got plenty more that I’ve seen. Heck I’ve even been kicked repeatedly by a 6 yr old because I was helping my son while he was learning a new obstacle and I was standing where she wanted to run. She couldn’t run around me though, even though there was plenty of space.

Only about 1/3 of the time did I see a parent correct their child.

Seriously people!!!

What The Heck!?!

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t feel it’s my place to correct someone else’s kid. I don’t know someone else’s parenting style or technique (if they even have one.) Plus I don’t want to be sued for some kid crying because I told them “NO” and it was the first time they had ever heard it.

I don’t think it’s fair to my child that he has to be punished and we have to leave because other kids are being bullies. Isn’t that the same as telling a battered wife that it’s her fault her husband beats her. (Yes, I’m going to extremes to prove a point, get over it)


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