I Drive an Invisible Car!!!

Batman had the batmobile. The X-men had the X-jet. Ghostrider had that flaming Harley thing, and I have an invisible car!

You may ask yourself…Does this mean Big Daddy is a Superhero?

I wish! What kid (or immature adult) hasn’t thought about having superpowers. I have! Unfortunately I’m a long way from wearing brightly colored spandex and protecting the citizens of this great country from evil doers.

No mine is a tale much less fantastic/dramatic, but it still gets my heart pumping. Almost on a daily basis some other car (usually a much bigger car) tries to hit me and my little Rubbermaid container. They pull out in front of me after waiting until I enter the intersection, change lanes while I’m still occupying it, or try to pass someone through me(that was an interesting one!)

Its amazing I can find it in the parking lot.

Do I dare and see if it is invisible to cops too? We can’t afford to pay for a ticket right now.

Now it might be cool if I was the only person I knew with and invisible car..but I’m not. A girl I work with named Abigail has been rear ended 25 times while stopped at a red light or stop sign! 25!!! That’s got to be some kind of record.

It really makes me wonder what some people are paying attention to since its not me or anyone else on the road. Now I’ll admit some times I may get distracted by a sweet ’67 mustang(or any classic muscle car for that matter), a really cute girl in a CJ, but I’m not changing lanes while I’m doing it.

It just make wonder What The Heck!?!


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