This is my first post! Yeah!!! I’m new at this. While I have guest blogged on my wife’s” blog a few times (this is even on her account) so you’ll have to bear with me here a little bit.
I started this as a way just to vent. Maybe (hopefully) I can raise some awareness so that some people may start to think about their actions before hand. I however seriously doubt it. I would even be surprised if anyone actually reads this, let alone let it affect them in anyway.
I mean come on people we all have seen some pretty stupid stuff happen out there in our daily lives. Some of it has become so common place we don’t even notice it anymore. I just decided to start pointing it out.
Now I don’t want to be mean and I don’t want to point fingers. I’m by no means perfect myself, (My wife reminds me of that everyday) but I’d like to think I’m above the average stock. I did spent 5 years in the Marine Corps (hence the alpha numeric title.) That fact alone should tell you I’m not the brightest bulb. For those of you that don’t know one of my fellow Jarheads, we call it like we see it. So tact is one of those things I may lack a little bit. If I offend you, I’m sorry. Its not my intention at all. At the same time though….if the shoe fits….you should ask yourself why. Maybe you’re the guy or gal I’m talking about.
So with without stalling too much longer…
These are my personal experiences and observations people (sometimes myself included) that make you say, think, or mutter to ones self….What The Heck!?!


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